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Welcome to Cuttlefish

Cuttlefish Lovely Transactional Email

Easy to use and open source


Ensure delivery

Make sure your emails arrive at their destinations. Keeps your email reputation high by automatically holding back emails to destinations that have previously bounced.

Real time analytics

Monitor in real time which emails arrive at their destination and which bounce. Track which emails are opened and which links are clicked. And all of this split out by which of your applications sends the emails.

Easy to use

Send email from your application using smtp in the usual way and get all sorts of added benefits for no effort. A lovely web UI to browse what's happening.


Works with any web framework and language. Do anything via the API that can you do in the web UI.


Under the hood Postfix, which you know and trust, handles email delivery.

Open source

Take control of your destiny. Use Cuttlefish's advanced features without fear of vendor lock in.

Check out the UI

How does this compare to...?

There are loads of great proprietary transactional email services out there. If you're happy spending the money then take a look at Sendgrid, Mailgun and Mandrill. These are just a few of them..

It's still early days for Cuttlefish and even now it already does a chunk of the most important things the proprietary services do. Cuttlefish offers basic bounce email handling, ensuring you maintain your good mail reputation by not resending to bounced addresses. Cuttlefish also gives you insight on how people read and respond to your emails via automatic open and click tracking.

Of course there is a lot that Cuttlefish doesn't yet do that the proprietary services do. It doesn't handle incoming email; It can't detect when a user marks one of your emails as spam; It doesn't have built in support for email templates.

Beta but battle hardened

Cuttlefish is in beta. It's been used in production by OpenAustralia Foundation's projects for several years and has sent many millions of emails.